Do I need to be connected to the internet?

To use the real-time feature, our quickest and easiest way of analysing the riders, you need internet connection. If you don’t have any internet connection at all, we recommend filming short video clips and [...]

Who can use AI Seat Analytics?

AI Seat Analytics is designed for equestrian trainers, coaches, and instructors who want to enhance their teaching methods and improve their riders' skills. It's ideal for professionals working with riders of various skill levels and [...]

What equipment do I need?

To use AI Seat Analytics, you will need a smartphone. That’s it! You can choose to film live which is very convenient in the riding arena or upload a video of maximum 2 minutes (thought [...]

What does it cost?

The trainer package is available as a Monthly Subscription and a Half-Year Subscription, both with unlimited amounts of analyses (analyse as much as you want!). The price for the monthly package is 34,99 EUR / 29,99 [...]

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