How often should I train to reach my goals and what is a good training plan?

Every horse and rider has different starting points, but by having an open dialogue with your trainer about what your goals are and how to achieve them, you can set up a good training plan. We asked our Ridesum trainers what they think!

Jane Randall
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How often should I train with my trainer?

I would say that it depends! Each horse and rider combinations is individual and will be at different stages of training. For example I firmly believe that as a Dressage Coach my job is to create the learning environment for my riders and their horse so they can develop together. So in the beginning coaching might be once a week and as the skills progress so does the relationship and the coach and rider are able to plan a training strategy that suits the level that they are working at and fits around the riders schedule. Of course many riders are not able to have lessons every week and if it is just once a month then my job as Coach is to develop a riders skill set and autonomy with exercises and homework for between sessions, with just enough challenge! The best thing about technology today and apps such as Ridesum is that it allows the rider and coach to stay connected and for the rider to send videos of their work for comment and or have remote lessons therefore saving time and finances all round.

What is a good weekly training plan?

A good weekly training plan will involve as much variety as possible including hacks, turn out, pole work and perhaps some jumping and a day off.
For example, I give my horse – Saturday Boy a day off in the field on Sunday followed by three days schooling with hacking and pole work between together with lots of turn out. If it is the competition season then things may be different. So I plan his work in advance taking into account any new skills he has to learn, fitness and shows that intend to compete at. My training plan is specific to each horse and that is one of the services I offer – A performance conversation with riders to look at their long and short term goals, we discuss training requirements towards those goals allowing time to train and learn new skills, compete and recover, this plan that is totally individual to them.

Karin Persson dressyrtränare
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How often should I train with my trainer?

If you have the opportunity, I think twice a week is ideal, maybe even three. However, I believe that you must have a few sessions without your trainer as well to learn to think and feel yourself.

What is a good weekly training plan? 

Very individual depending on the horse. I try to “train dressage” on the arena with an older horse about four days a week, various exercises.
Two days a week I activate with other things depending on the horse. Such as hacks, long lining, cavaletti or whatever may be needed to provide physical and mental variety. One day rest, but it’s always important for the horses to move: large enough paddocks, otherwise complement with walking the horse. Younger horses of course have fewer sessions per week. The 4-year-olds are ridden about four days a week in total and then often half of those sessions are out in nature.