Jan-Ove Olsson, has trained both riders and horses for more than 40 years. Jan-Ove is Breed Judge in Conformation A -certification and Dressage Trainer M-level, Dressage Judge Intermediate I, and entrepreneur. You have tried to coach digital with Ridesum. What do you believe are the greatest benefits?

– Of course, it is an advantage that I can sit anywhere, in any country in the world! I can communicate with students more often and save trips. The students I help once a month I can now, as a complement, coach digital once a week. Above all, it is valuable for the equipage you know.

It can be used in many contexts, such as program riding for judges and in breeding advice. Instead of going far and looking at two mares, I can assess them digitally. Saving trips is the min benefit for me! Many students have flexible work schedule and can ride in the morning, the technology provides opportunities.