In perfect timing for maternity leave I found Ridesum

Linnea Aarflot, dressage rider and trainer, who after working as a rider at two Olympic dressage stables in the US and the UK, is now based at Spring Hill Dressage in East Sussex, England, found out about Ridesum during her pregnancy.

“Next month I’ll be too pregnant to fly, so I’m very happy that the genius digital live training platform and app RIDESUM exists!” she writes on her blog The Equestrian.

“Through Ridesum I can also help more combinations than before as I can charge less per lesson since I don’t have the cost and time for travel, and so I can welcome more riders. It also feels great for my environmentally conscious self, knowing that less travels is environmentally friendlier <3” skriver Linnéa. Read her post HERE.

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