SWANA in USA and Canada inspect foals via Ridesum!

SWANA, Swedish Warmblood Association of North America, will this year inspect foals digitally via Ridesum. As lock down is still a fact in the USA and Canada, SWANA takes matters into its own hands and performs foal inspections digitally via live video streaming.

Foals will be evaluated just as they would be in an inspection; the breeder will receive instant feedback as the evaluation takes place live via Ridesum.

The two appointed SWB judges, Jan-Ove Olsson and Christina Olsson, from the Swedish inspection committee will judge live from Gotland and Stockholm in Sweden.

Jan-Ove Olsson says: “Digital inspections live gives us the ability to still connect with the breeders and our hope is, of course, that they will come back and present their young horse in person a few years from now.”

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