The Ridesum Team is growing!

Meet our new colleague Tintin Alinder – Customer Support and Sales

Tintin is, as the rest of us, a real horse nerd. Let’s get to know her some more!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I´m a happy and social girl who grew up on a horse farm with my family. I have previously worked in a stable as a stable manager/rider and have a big passion for horses and equestrian sports. Today I own a 13-year-old mare Söbakkehus Fleur.

What are you most excited about when working for Ridesum?

I’m excited about how we at Ridesum can help and contribute to more knowledge and more training in a smooth and eco-friendly way. 

Who inspires you and why?

Cathrine Dufour is a big inspiration to me. She´s an amazing rider and seems to be a nice person. Both humans and horses seem to like her – that’s a good sign!

If you had a slogan – what would it be?

You´re not you when you´re hungry 🙂

What does Tintin prefer?

Dressage or jumping?

City or countryside?

Candy or ice cream?

Cats or dogs?

Mornings or nights?

Coffee or tea?

Welcome Tintin to our team!