”In Ridesum Pocket Office, I manage all my bookings and payments. I have a clear overview of how much money I make each month!”

Ulrika Fröding works with horses full time, she holds riding lessons, courses, and seminars – both digital and traditional. She uses Ridesum Pocket Office to simplify the administrative part of her business.

”The biggest benefit is that I have everything gathered in one place. I can anytime go in and see how the trainings are laid out, and I can easily add available time slots that the students can book, without having to get in touch with me first.”

What smart business advice do you have for your coach colleagues?

”Do you not have time and energy to try something new? That in itself is the best argument to do just that! You save a lot of time and the little engagement it actually requires of you to get started is negligible in comparison to the time spend when booking in sessions, writing receipts and invoices, making sure that the deliverables are paid in time, as well as sending reminders to those that are past due.