“I can put full focus on the horses with Pocket Office”

Rebecca Mauléon on how Pocket Office helps her as a horse entrepreneur

Bild: Rebecca Mauleon Ridesum Pocket Office

Photo: Sara Silfverberg

Ridesum Pocket Office has saved me a lot of administrative time and has simplified my planning considerably.

  • I post all my available time slots in the booking system and the students book the time that suits them. We avoid all conversation back and forth – easy and saves time.
  • We handle questions in the chat. All messages are in one place – easy to find.
  • I invoice with one click in Pocket Office – very smooth.

Earlier, I was often interrupted and had to do administration work on mornings, evenings, and weekends. Now I avoid interruptions and can have full focus on the horses and riding. I am now more efficient and have everything about my company saved in one place.

Pocket Office is easy to use, easy to understand and a good overall solution!