Now it’s even easier to handle bookings!

Send booking proposals to your students

Take control of your schedule and send out booking proposals to your students.
Does your students train at the same time every week? Instead of asking the riders to send booking requests, you can easily taker control and send out booking proposals to your students.
Save time and get control of your schedule with this feature! The rider receives the booking proposal in the app (and via push notification / sms) and accepts / denies with the push of a button. You will find this new feature at the bottom of your calendar in the app.

Export bookings to your phone calendar

Do you want to be able to see your Ridesum bookings in your phone calendar? With this feature, it’s now possible to export bookings from the app into your phone!
To copy a booking, press OK on this pop-up when accepting a booking in the app.

NOTE! If you change the time of a booking after it’s been accepted, you must manually change the time in the phone calendar, it will not be updated automatically.

Omvänd bokning
Exportera kalender