Are you expecting a foal this year?

Congratulations, you’re soon about to experience something extraordinary! But maybe you’re feeling a bit nervous about what’s to come. Or perhaps you’re unsure if you have everything you need to be well-prepared for the upcoming foaling. Fear not; Ridesum has your back!

Prepare for foaling

There are many essential things to consider while preparing to welcome your new superstar into the world. To ensure you are present during the foaling, closely monitoring your mare during the pregnancy is extremely important. Here, a foaling camera is a great tool! Moreover, it’s crucial to have your veterinarian’s phone number before the foaling if something goes wrong. In addition, preparing a foaling kit containing, for example, long disposable gloves, a clean scissor to open the amniotic sac if needed, clean towels, a clean bucket, cotton, and a bottle of chlorhexidine is great. If something goes wrong, it is also a good idea to be prepared with a feeding bottle and milk replacer. Moreover, keeping track of the time during foaling is extremely important. Something could be wrong if one stage of the foaling takes longer than it should. Therefore, it’s good to have a watch or a timer, for example, on your phone.

Ridesum helps you reach your goals, big or small, and that goal could be to be well prepared. To help you achieve this goal, we have prepared a foaling checklist in our app, conveniently located under “checklists”. Good luck!

Published on 12 May 2023