Manolo Mendez

Trainer/ expert

Country Australia
City Sunbury
  Dressage Trainer – Top Merits (non certified)
  Dressage Judge Grand Prix Level
  Classical Dressage
  Lungeing – Advanced
 One of six founding riders of the Real Escuela in Jerez, Manolo is an experienced horseman with over 50 years experience training horses in classical dressage. He is considered an expert in developing, improving or repairing the piaffe, passage and pirouette in-hand & in the saddle.

Manolo’s Training for Wellness Method which includes riding, in-hand work and bodywork has become sought after by trainers and equine health professionals who are seeking a soft and sympathetic approach that prepares horses mentally, physically and emotionally for each stages of training from green to Grand Prix.

Manolo is dedicated to helping each rider/horse pair work harmoniously, to the best of their abilities.