Join 30.000 riders in over 90 countries

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Join 30.000 riders in over 90 countries

Download Ridesum today & develop faster.


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Digital training anywhere – anytime


Riders often want to bring their trainer to warm-up before a competition, but it can be time consuming and expensive. Many of our users are therefore coached digitally via Ridesum and receive coaching from their trainer when in warm-up before a competition. This way you get the mental support you need and the trainer does not have to spend time traveling. When jumping, you can also walk the course with your jumper trainer remotely and get valuable advice.


When test riding horses for sale, it is valuable to have someone experienced watching. However, it can be difficult for the trainer to go with students on test rides far away. Use Ridesum and bring the trainer digitally! The trainer sees live how you and the horse interact, can tell you which movements / exercises you should test. And you can have a dialogue about how it feels and looks while you are sitting on the horse’s back.

Bild: Provrid digitalt med Ridesum
Bild: Mental träning via Ridesum


Mental training means personal development, finding and developing resources within yourself to feel better and achieve your goals. In Ridesum there are many experienced mental trainers who can help you with your development. By meeting digitally via Ridesum, you can choose which mental trainer you want, and you can create a flexible plan adapted to your specific needs.


Do you want the help of a Feed and Nutrition Consultant to to assess your horse’s body condition and set a well-adapted feed state? In Ridesum, there are many skilled Feed and Nutrition advisors who can see your horse via Ridesum’s video streaming and thus be able to make a better assessment than just by phone.

Bild: Foderrådgivning via Ridesum
Bild: Carl Hedin för Ridesum


Possibilities with Ridesum
  • Breeding/inspection
  • In-hand Work
  • Clinics/Weekend Courses
  • Animal Welfare – Counseling
  • Dressage programs – assessment for judges
  • Farrier – Hoof Counseling
  • Dog Training (there are Dog trainers in Ridesum)
  • Icelandic Horse training
  • Loading of Horse on to Trailer – Problem Solving
  • Horse rehabilitation
  • Rider training/personal trainer
  • Saddle Fitter and follow-up
  • Seat Improvement Exercises
  • Long lining
  • Western training
  • Working Equitation

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”Worked great with digital training and fun to be able to train for my favorite trainer in Skåne, at home in Stockholm”

Anna Modin, Showjumper

”With the help of the diary I have been able to plan the rehab of my horse. It gave me motivation and nice to get access to statistics and an overview of our progress.”

Johanna Nilsson, Rider, horse David Tilly

”With Ridesum I can train regularly despite the long distance between me and my trainer, the image quality is so good that it feels like she´s here! The fact that I can train at home and therefore have time to train in the morning before work is also a big plus!”

Johanna Svensson, Dressage Rider

”The diary is an important tool in my focus to level up. In the middle of all the training, you don’t see the development, but when I go back 1 month in the diary, I see the progress so clearly, it is absolutely fantastic!”

Nora Skeppstedt, International Eventing Rider

”The diary has helped me to vary the training for my horse. I can follow what I have done and how it went thanks to the rating of the training about how the horse felt and how the preparations have been for riders and horses.”

Susanne Fahlström, Competition Rider Endurance riding
”For me, continuity is an important part of training and Ridesum makes it possible to maintain it, even in difficult situations!”
Christina Lundblad, Competition Rider
Image: Ridesum Rating in App Store 2021
Image: Rating in app store 2021