“I had a full-time job, several commute hours every day and two horses. I rushed through the day and came home at 10 p.m. every night. It was very difficult to get daily life with work and horses together. I loved training – the feeling when you and your horse develop together with the help of that fantastic trainer that pushes and boost you to progress. I lived in Stockholm, Sweden and my favorite trainers far away in the South of Sweden. Not the best combination given that you need to train often to progress. It was expensive too.

After many years of struggling  I sold the horses. Gave up my great passion. I was unable to find the time for both work and horses. I know that you are so many out there fighting, just like I did. And I’ve decided. Nobody should have to give up their passion or get stuck in problems because of not finding the time for training. 

Technology simplifies our lives every day. Using the smartphone to visit the doctor, really smooth! So why not make training easier too? Reduce travel time, cost and logistics. It is not about replacing the Face to face meetings between riders and coaches – but enabling them to meet more often to make more progress together. Ridesum’s mission is to contribute to more healthy horses, people and environment through smarter training for everyone. I wish you the best of luck all fantastic horse lovers!”