”We need to need follow the rules in order for the horse industry to have a future”

Pytt Hamberg, an equestrian entrepreneur and former team leader for the national pony dressage team, has a clear image of what is needed in order for the horse industry to have a future; “We need to follow the rules. Invoice and never take anything under the table – or else the industry can take harm.”
Even if a lot has improved over the past few years, the horse industry is still encircled by rumors of being a business where payments under the table occurs and where many still don’t follow the legislations.

“It harms the horse industry and also makes the authorities be on us even more. We can be questioned if we have horses for our business or for our own gain. What if the horses can’t be registered on the business because of too many scams, that would be a catastrophe. We have to follow the rules in order to have a future – everyone needs to see the winning in that”, Pytt says.

Image: Pytt Hamberg

Work smarter with Pocket Office

Pytt has devoted her life to horses and has her own farm in Roslagen with about 20 horses and a pony breeding program. She is also a dressage trainer and teaches both at home and across the country. Like many other horse business owners, she experiences it being challenging to be profitable and having enough time. One way to tackle it is to work smarter and more efficiently with the administrative work that comes with trainings.

“Before a weekend clinic, all the students get to complete their bookings via Ridesum’s booking system. I invoice all the students with the help of Ridesum Pocket Office and they pay directly in the app before the clinic. Previously, I wrote my contact details, emails, and payments by hand. Now, everything is finished when I get there and we can keep all our focus on the training”, Pytt explains.


Save three hours of administrative work on one weekend
With the help of Pocket Office, Pytt saves a total of three hours on administrative work for one weekend – two hours in efficient preparations and one hour by smoother invoicing. Beyond that, she also experiences a positive effect from not having to keep track of everything in her head. Pytt uses the Ridesum chat feature often.

“Before the clinic, me and the student have conversations via the Ridesum chat. The student gets to tell me about them and their horse, what goal they have, what works well, and what they need help with. In that way, I’m well-prepared and have a good picture of the students so that we can get the most out of the training. When the clinic is finished and I’ve come home, I even write feedback via the chat which gives a nice added value for the student”, Pytt tells us.

Pytt Hamberg

The team is the most important
Pytt has today about 20 returning students each week, as well as students that live further away that she travels to and holds clinic for. To get continuity in the training, especially for the long-distance students, Pytt uses Ridesum’s digital training tool. This helps the rider progress faster. And often a parent or home trainer is present and listens in on the training session, which makes it so the knowledge is shared with the whole team.

As a team leader for the national pony dressage, Pytt and her team worked hard on expanding the top. They created opportunities for more riders to train and compete at a higher level, so that Sweden could compete with the top nations. It ended with 40 riders in the troops – a major increase.

“No team is better than the teammates! It was and is fantastic to meet so many dedicated youths and parents as a national team leader and trainer. To be able to see the youths and ponies progress and grow – that is the most fun there is!” Pytt ends.